Private lessons

Customised courses for schoolchild, apprentice, students and adult (pedagogical and educational coaching).

Private lessons for schoolchildren/students

Your child is at mandatory school, at High School, apprenticed, or even off school, we have the personalized solutions to support him/her efficiently during his academic or transition years.

Coaching includes :

  • A clear and adapted planning to the rhythm of each individual
  • An evolutionary approach according to the needs
  • A constant and intensive progression follow-up
  • A learning development with useful and efficient strategies
  • A work on self-confidence, concentration and motivation.

Private lessons for adults

Whatever your level is, we have personalized solutions adapted to your needs in languages, all kind of exams and subjects required to pass the Swiss naturalisation exam.

Coaching includes :

  • Precise and customised objectives for each
  • A method that adapts to your needs
  • A regular progression and an intensive follow-up
  • Individual techniques for personal development
  • A constant motivation to reach objectives