We offer you online courses, private lessons and coaching for schoolchildren and adults.

Academic success for your children

As parents, we all want that our children succeed in school and we all know that it can become a daily stress as much for us parents as for our children.
The goal of BENK.CH is to relieve this daily stress and ensure an optimal assimilation of the schoolwide topics according to the personal child's pace. School success involves a personal commitment in time and motivation.
The key to success is perseverance, the will to move forward, improve and remain steady in learning.
The ideal would be to do at least one exercise per day. Each training module lasts on average between 10 and 55 minutes and records each connection.
Thus, each answer is recorded so you can retake the same module exactly where you stopped without losing your progression.

Sharing and communication

You are not on a simple online exercices' website! On, you've got the floor! You can communicate according to your needs in training.
We take into account all the issues that you might face and make sure to improve daily the training units, the methods, the exercises and all that you really need.
As a member of the benk website, your child and yourself have the opportunity to ask your questions to our trainers and express yourselves on the forums, the networks of your training and also communicate, if you wish, with other members through mailings and your froggylearns (your online chat).
You can also share and get educational documents about your training. These communication training and exchanges are optional and usable only if you want to.
You have a total confidentiality as a subscriber regarding your exchanges with online trainers.

Training modules

The training units are divided by topics and subjects which allows to precisely aim at the issues and proceed by stages.
This simplifies the understanding and knowledge accumulation.
A complete training course includes objectives to reach, illustrative lessons, interactive, targeted and complete exercises on each subject, there are more than 20 different types of exercises used according to the level and themes (for example : memory, answers to link, words in the gaps, drop menu, answers in charts, writing correct answers, underlining, multiple choice answers, right/wrong, exercises to print, etc).
At the end of each training module, a personal report of knowledge allows the student to be informed about the evolution of his/her skills.
2 levels of assessment also allow a fast progression according to the covered stages and the child's motivation.

Training contents and time duration

The exercises can be done as many times as wanted until validation, the system memorizes the child's answers and all of the logins, that allows him/her to find again (after each connection) his/her results and correct directly the wrong answers. respects everyone's pace and ensure a sustained follow-up.
Access is unlimited during a year from subscription. Nevertheless, each inactive user account for a period of three months or more, without any reply to our regular follow-up emails, will be automatically deactivated, without the right to claim any refund.
Each training unit brings additional knowledge related to the studied topics of the Swiss French schools, that is the reason why, the ideal would be to be able to do them all, one after the other, reaching level 2, as soon as level 1 goes over, at least, 70% of success.

Objectives and assessments

Assessments are done for each set of exercises which allow evaluating the level of the schoolchild by topic and specific subject.
Reference certificates are also granted individually indicating the completed training modules, the time spent on each module and the results.
As parents, you can check, supervise, and easily follow the evolution of your children's results, visualising the time that he/she spent on each training module.
You have the possibiilty to set together precise objectives to reach according to your child's pace and personal progress.

Training for adults

We offer you tailor-made training for adults and adapted to your real needs.
A unique learning method according to your current level and the objectives you want to set in short, mid and long-term.
A level test can be done if required. An adapted coaching is ensured.

Concrete results through :

  • Unlimited connection 24/7 worldwide.
  • A learning schedule according to your availabilities.
  • Online and/or at Home trainers to support you.
  • Pedagogical files for your training.
  • Personalized and customisable coaching .
  • Detailed individual assessments and reference certificates.
  • A study plan and customised pedagogical advices.
  • A complete training follow-up and achievement of objectives.