The essential in video

The essential of training described in video.
Our training are adapted to the Swiss French study plan
(PER - Plan d'études romand).


Online Courses

The method that ensures school success from 1st grade to the exams in 11th grade (HarmoS) going through ECR. Modern and efficient, our training modules will help you succeed at your tests and give you more self-confidence.

Private courses

Private lessons adapted to your real needs (coaching). Study plans, customised objectives and regular assessments. Understand, assimilate, consolidate and master. An intensive and efficient follow-up that gives fast results.


A customised program with follow-up. A gradual learning process according to the level and pace of each person. An improved self-confidence, a development of personal autonomy, a better focus, work and motivation.

Training adapted to the Swiss French study plan (PER - Plan d'études romand)

  • Our training
  • French
  • ECR
  • History
  • Languages
  • Civic rights
  • Geography

Coaching for a better schooling

Coaching includes :

  • Customised and clear objectives to follow online.
  • An unlimited access to E-learning platform.
  • Fast answers to all of your questions.
  • An online follow-up by qualified trainers.
  • A constant progression with online support.
  • Results and analysis of validated online training
  • Effective efforts and progresses are valued.
  • A constant motivation to complete all objectives.
  • Online statistics are sent regulary.

Specific training for adults

We offer you the following training :

  • French
  • English
  • Swiss citizenship
  • World and Swiss History
  • World and Swiss Geography
  • Our civic rights, history and geography modules will support you in your preparation for the Swiss naturalization examination.